Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Marios Damianides, Cyber Security Leader, Ernst & Young LLP, Chair of the Board, ISACA (2003-2005)
About the Author
PART ONE—Privacy

Chapter 1: Understanding Privacy
Chapter 2: A (Very) Brief History of Privacy
Chapter 3: The Legal Case for Privacy (The Finer Print)

PART TWO—Regulations

Chapter 4: Introduction to Regulations
Chapter 5: North American Regulations
Chapter 6: European Regulations
Chapter 7: Asia-Pacific Regulations
Chapter 8: African Regulations
Chapter 9: South American Regulations

PART THREE—Privacy and Cybersecurity

Chapter 10: Introduction to Cybersecurity
Chapter 11: A Cybersecurity Primer
Chapter 12: Privacy-Centric Cybersecurity Program Overview
Chapter 13: Privacy by Design Overview
Chapter 14: Cover Your Assets!
Chapter 15: Threat Assessment
Chapter 16: Vulnerabilities
Chapter 17: Environments
Chapter 18: Controls
Chapter 19: Incident Response
Chapter 20: Welcome to the Future! Now, Go Home!


Cybersecurity Program Development for Business:
The Essential Planning Guide

Foreword by Hector “Sabu” Monsegur
About the Author
Chapter 1: Understanding Risk
Chapter 2: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tech (But Were Afraid to Ask Your Kids)
Chapter 3: A Cybersecurity Primer
Chapter 4: Management, Governance, and Alignment
Chapter 5: Your Cybersecurity Program: A High-Level Overview
Chapter 6: Assets
Chapter 7: Threats
Chapter 8: Vulnerabilities
Chapter 9: Environments
Chapter 10: Controls
Chapter 11: Incident-Response Planning
Chapter 12: People
Chapter 13: Living Cybersecure!
Appendix: Clear and Present Danger