Cybersecurity Resources

Cybersecurity Resources

If you want to know more about managing cybersecurity risk, the most current news on threats and vulnerabilities, or if you need additional advice on incident management, you’ve come to the right place.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Resources

ISACAAdvancing IT, Audit, Governance, Risk, Privacy & Cybersecurity | ISACA
ISSAInformation Systems Security Association – ISSA International
NISTCybersecurity Framework | NIST

Comprehensive Privacy Resources

IAPPInternational Association of Privacy Professionals (
EPICEPIC – Electronic Privacy Information Center
EFFElectronic Frontier Foundation | Defending your rights in the digital world (
NISTPrivacy Framework | NIST

Cybersecurity Reports

Cisco Systems. “2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report.”

Cisco Systems.  “2017 Annual Security Threat Report.”

European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).  “Threat Landscape.”

Verizon. “Data Breach Investigations Report.”  

Threat Intelligence

AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange.

Bitdefender. “E-Threats Landscape Reports.”

Cisco Systems. “Security Advisories and Alerts.”

LookingGlass. “Threat Map.”

McAfee. “Threat Center.”

Threat Intelligence Review. “Cybersecurity Intelligence Feed Reviews.”

Risk Assessment

The Conference Board. “Emerging Practices in Cyber Risk Governance.” 

European Union Agency for Network and Information Security. “Cloud Security Guide for SMEs.” 

National Association of Corporate Directors. Resource Center: Cyber-Risk Oversight.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
“Guide for Conducting Risk Assessments.”
“Managing Risk from Information Systems—An Organizational Perspective.” 
“Risk Management Framework Overview.”

Vulnerability Data

MITRE Corporation. “CVE Details.”

National Institute of Standards and Technology. “National Vulnerability Database.”

Open Web Application Security Project. “Welcome to OWASP.”

Offensive Security. “Exploit Database.” 

Incident Response

European Union for Information Security (ENISA). “Strategies for Incident Response and Cyber Crisis Cooperation.” 

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (IASCA).
“Responding to Targeted Cyberattacks.”
“Overview of Digital Forensics.”

International Organization for Standardization (ISO). “ISO/IEC 27035-2 Information Technology—Security Techniques—Information Security Incident Management—Part 2: Guidelines to plan and prepare for incident response.”

National Institute of Standards and Technology. “Computer Security Incident Handling Guide.”

SANS Institute. “Incident Handler’s’Handbook.”